Your Tree Tutorials

Just unboxed your artificial Christmas tree, Xmas decorations and tree lights from us and not sure how to make it picture-perfect? We’ve got you – don’t worry.

Here at Christmas Tree World, we know it can be a bit daunting to embark on a new Christmas tree. After all, there’s so much fluffing, faffing and finicky styling choices to make along the way. Not to mention the pressure to get your tree looking that much better than last year!

So, rather than hectically browsing YouTube or teasing out relevant instructions from old manuals, we’ve crafted something that’s much more time-efficient – and specific to your chosen tree – than you will find anywhere else: tutorials from our incredible Christmas Tree World customers!

That’s right. You won’t be hoodwinked by fancy video tricks or confusing installation advice – just our trees, our customers’ homes, and their top tips. After all, our customers always know best!

Take a look at how to assemble your chosen Christmas tree, fluff the branches to perfection, and decorate your centrepiece like a professional in our helpful Tree Tutorials page, below.

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