February is the time of year we should all be looking forward to the start of the growing season.

Whether you are thinking of planting seasonal colour or sowing seeds, the choice is endless for you to pick from here at Golden Days. We pride ourselves on offering everything you will need to start your garden.

Now is the time to start chitting your spuds. Chitting or sprouting is the term we use to initiate tuber growth. When your shoots are about 2cm long, then you can think about planting them.

You can start to sow most seeds now, whether they are flower or vegetable seeds. At this time of year (February), I would suggest you sow inside, as the soil is normally too wet and cold unless you have cloches (little tunnels that cover a small area) and have them over the soil you want to sow in.

Flower seeds will do best with a little heat, which will help with germination.

As the year progresses, you will be able to sow more of your seeds directly into the soil as the days get longer, and the soil becomes drier.

Seasonal plants like primroses and spring-flowering bulbs are a must for this time of year.

Primroses will bring that splash of colour that we all want to see, either in a container or the garden.

Primrose always reminds us that spring is just around the corner.

Potted bulbs are there just in case you forgot to plant them last autumn. They are also very good at brightening a container and the corner of the garden that you forgot to plant up last year.

Some of the best shrubs that are a must for spring are Camellias. Fantastic small trees that will flower every spring with bright pink, red, white, and even bicolour flowers that are always very popular at this time of year.

Hamamelis (Witch hazel) are in full flower, and the yellow flowers have a lovely scent which, on warm days, will be good for any early bees that are about.

In March, we will see the start of the Rhododendron flowers appearing, and then it is a free-for-all as to which colour and size of flower you like.

March is also a good time to get your vegetable plants bought.

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