Welcome to the Golden Days Garden Centre blog!

My name’s Graham Green, and I’m delighted to be able to welcome you to our new blog. I’m head gardener at Golden Days Garden Centre, and chief blogger over here at our online branch, Signature Homes and Gardens. From planting tips to patio design ideas and guides for beginners, I hope you’ll find plenty of useful information here to get you out and about in the garden this summer and beyond!

Over fifty years ago I spent an afternoon helping my Grandpa out on his vegetable patch, and I’ve loved nothing more than pottering about outdoors ever since! With my own garden and allotment to tend to these days as well as the collection here at Goldendays, I certainly keep busy, but I hope to be able to take some time out now and again to share some of my experience and knowledge with you on this blog.

If you’ve any questions or comments you’d like to make, or even any topics you’d like to see featured here, feel free to join Signature Homes and Gardens over on Facebook, or myself on Twitter. I’m always happy to chat about gardening!

Get to know me a little better…

My favourite job in the garden:
I have fun getting stuck in to any tasks really, but I’ve got to say I do enjoy the spring months when I can get to work on my bedding plants and containers. After a long winter of bare trees and muddy lawns it’s always lovely to see bright colours and flowering plants in the garden again!

The job I least enjoy doing:
Has to be weeding! My knees aren’t what they used to be and hours of kneeling down to tackle them isn’t something I enjoy. But it’s a necessary evil if I want to keep my flower beds under control, and so I try to do it as often as I can.

My favourite gardening memory:
Years ago when I first got into gardening, I decided to plant some vegetables in my Grandpa’s plot. It was carrots and potatoes if I remember rightly, and a bit of a half-hearted effort.

Then one morning a while later my Grandpa left a hessian sack on the kitchen table. I opened it up and inside were my carrots, freshly harvested and still covered in soil! We had them in a stew that night and I felt so proud that I’d grown them myself. I still think about that day whenever I harvest my first crop of the year!

My favourite spot in the garden:
At the bottom of my garden are a few old trees, and I get a lot of birds so I always have my feeders stocked up with seed down there. On nice mornings I like to sit on my bench and watch them all flock to the feeders- it’s lovely to see all the different varieties that visit, and great to know that I’m helping Britain’s wildlife.

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