How To Make Your Xmas Tree Look Phenomenal

Although a few holes in a real Christmas tree might seem endearing or impossible to prevent, artificial Christmas trees have the added benefit that they don’t need to have any gaps or holes in their foliage, that is as long as they have been assembled properly.

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But how do you prevent gaps and holes in an artificial Christmas tree?

So many times we’ve seen Christmas lovers perplexed over the gaps in their trees and have no idea how to solve the mystery. Well, the truth is, there is no mystery… it’s actually really simple to get to grips with once you know the tricks of the trade.

Here’s our list of basic tricks which you can add to your arsenal before you go full steam ahead and assemble your Christmas tree this year. Have a good one!

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Six Simple Steps To Achieve The Full & Bushy Look


Step 1:

First things first, you should start from the bottom up.

This might seem simple enough but it’s common for people to work from the top down and wondering why the middle has a tonne of gaps. That’s because when you work from the bottom you’re tweaking upwards gradually, so the branches which are being twisted upwards are filling any potential gaps.

When you work from the top down, you’re going to be tweaking aimlessly into empty space which is not going to be filled the more you go down, and you’re also more likely to tweak downwards, which is a big no-no.


Step 2

Make sure each branch is evenly spaced.

A great big cluster of branches doesn’t look bushy, it just looks dense and makes the whole tree look patchy, and leaves gaps elsewhere. By spacing out your branches evenly, you’re taking into any account any holes and you’re also keeping the elegant style of the tree intact.


Step 3

Next, make sure your branch tips are all facing upwards and are angled away from the centre of the tree.

Most artificial trees which aren’t properly erected don’t look right because their branches are either too straight up or are too flat. A gentle upright angle of around 40-45 degrees works best for most tips as it keeps the tree’s width but still maintains its realistic “bushiness”.

An angle of around 80-90 degrees is ideal for the very outer tips which give the tree its overall shape.


Step 4

Think about how each branch has a part to play in the construction of the tree.

Each branch is responsible for filling a proportion of the tree, so utilise the space it’s in. That means splaying each tip on a branch outwardly from the rest.


Step 5

To covertly keep gaps to a minimum, see if you can tweak your branches so that they touch the row above them. This should only be applied to the branches closest to the centre pole.

By doing this you’re helping to cover the pole with as much foliage as possible in the smallest amount of space. As you’re aiming for a realistic look, making sure the centre pole is completely hidden is a big deal.


Step 6

Still think you’ve got too many gaps? Take a step back and tweak where appropriate. If you have lights on your tree, you can always utilise the lights to fill any gaps you’re unhappy with, although we do always recommend tweaking the branches and only moving the lights as a final resort.

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